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"Since entering foster care, my mentor change  my life."  -Jonathan, age9

“Since entering foster care, my mentor change my life.” -Jonathan, age 9

Foster Friends’ JOURNEYS Mentoring Program


Every child experiencing foster care in the Piedmont Region of North Carolina has the opportunity to participate in activities that create positive change in their lives and brighten their outlook for a hopeful future.


Foster Friends of NC is committed to brightening the lives of children in foster care.


We offer opportunities for children to participate in activities that are not covered by government funding and are most often not afforded by their care takers. These activities include:

  • Summer camps; dance class; football, soccer & baseball; swimming lessons; prom; senior expenses; school trips; field trips, and much more!

We offer Birthday Parties and Gift Packages so that no child in care misses the opportunity to have their special day celebrated.

We celebrate the voice of our children through our Reflections of the Heart Art & Essay Program. Children participate by creating artwork and essays on selected themes that allow them to share their voices with the world. Their creations are amazing reflections of their lives and their potential to both change and contribute to the world in which we all live!


We believe that children can benefit greatly by summer camps that focus on arts & literacy. SPOTLIGHT SUMMER LEADERSHIP CAMP is our next big thing! JohnHopkinsCenter for Summer Reading reports that student can lose up to 25% of their reading level over of the summer and this loss can be cumulative so this loss can add up!

SPOTLIGHT hopes to change these statistics by introducing reading and arts to our children with daily interaction over the summer months. Not only will children receive a creative outlet for to create positive change in their lives but they can also explore the exciting world that reading a great book offers.

For information on how you can volunteer, please click here. For information on how you can support our programs please click here. 




PO Box 49605 • Greensboro, NC27419

336.324.6008 Phone • 336.323.1366 Fax • www.fosterfriendsnc.com